SoftWord™ - "My first 200 English words" in 10 memory games

10 themed games: numbers, colors, animals, fruits and vegetables, clothing, the house, in the house, vocations, body parts and activities.

A unique tool specially developed for beginners and LD students:
to improve one's visual and auditory memory
to acquire basic vocabulary in English as a second language
It is well known that one of the main learning disabilities that have a negative effect on the acquisition of a second language is memory. The games have a synergetic effect on both memory skills and language acquisition.

SoftWord is software that teaches new words in a pleasant and easy way. It uses a special technique that overcomes the upsetting disability of memory. The technique is based on both auditory and visual memories and the interaction between them.

SoftWord teaches new vocabulary by matching sights with sounds in a 2-stage memory game whilst the 2nd stage reinforces the integration of this knowledge in a very unique way by matching sight with sound.

The technique of the game develops and improves: listening skills –
a "good ear" for English, visual and auditory memory in general, pronunciation and, of course, teaches 200 new words.

How is it played?

The player has to find pairs by matching 2 pictures at a time.

In the 1st stage the player sees the picture and hears its correct pronunciation. While looking for the right pairs he hears it over and over again.

The 2nd stage is more sophisticated: The player has to match the correct sound with the correct picture.

He either hears or sees the picture. Now he has to use his knowledge from the previous stage to find the correct matches.

Both games end when all the pairs are found and all the squares are turned over.

Both games show at the end how many clicks it took the player to complete the game.

The aim is to finish the game in as few clicks as possible regardless of time.

The game offers many new trials as the picture arrangement is random and changes for each game.
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