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Aviv English Career is a privately owned small school of English located in Israel which specializes in LD students (students with learning disabilities).

The school, founded and managed by Daniella Aviv, has developed unique methods to overcome learning difficulties and learning disabilities when it comes to learning English as a first and /or second language.

Hebrew speakers encounter more problems with English than many other European language speakers among others because of reasons such as different alphabetic system, reversed writing/reading direction and different word ordering.

Not only is English extremely difficult for Hebrew speakers in general, the LD student finds it much more difficult and complicated.

Daniella Aviv has developed several methods to facilitate the learning process and to improve its effectiveness. She also developed 2 softwares one of which is here introduced.

Her attitude and approach is very different form the common views and is innovative and revolutionary. Her experience especially with Hebrew speakers is extremely valuable!

The school has small operations in about 10 branches and one franchise operating in 2 additional regions.

It is highly recommended for beginners, for those who have any learning difficulties or disabilities, for young children as well as elderly people with memory problems to try this method to improve their visual and audio memory.
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